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What Are You After?

What is it you truly seek? This is a question we all need to stop and ask ourselves every once and again. Is it reality you're after - to really be, see and experience the Truth - or are you out there chasing images... Are you playing into the mind's games?

After some intense recent experiences, more and more the reality of spirituality, spiritual growth and what that really means and entails, has been progressively becoming more clear. And for those of you who know what I'm talking about, what a doozy that is!

So what truly is your pursuit? Do you seek comfort? Do you seek warmth and affection? Is it something you call "love" that you're after? Is the mind taking you for a ride so it can acquire more significance?

 ...Or is it the Truth you’re after?

You see, the pursuit of feeling comfortable & content, and especially the pursuit of chasing the mind's endless and impossible images, is a far different journey than the pursuit of Truth - these things are not the same. 

So what exactly am I talking about when I say Truth? Do I mean “you are ‘The Self’ and all that is?” That “you are a child of God,” or that “the Truth is Love?” No, I’m not referring to different teachings. I’m not talking about any kind of high philosophy or saintly perspective, and then trying to stamp it on you and say “this is the Truth.” 

Really “what is the Truth” has no answer. It’s a fundamental question about life. There’s no answer to the question, actually. There’s only Your answer. There’s only Your Truth – your honest experience in the moment - and that’s all. 

To all the Great Beings, who experienced reality in an extraordinary way, I’m sure these high teachings were in fact their Truth, but that’s because that’s where they were. They didn’t land there overnight, and it didn’t happen with the flip of a switch, either. It was a process, and a grueling one at that – perhaps one of the most difficult and courageous of them all. 

The Truth can be uncomfortable, and includes in it not just all the beautiful and wonderful things, but the ugly and unacceptable things, too. All the amazing wonder, along with everything stashed under the carpet as well. Truth is what’s truly going on inside you, that’s all. And actually, believe it or not, the Truth and God are not separate. That’s one reason why it’s so important to “stay with the What Is,” because you’re staying close with the Divine.

Moving into this ever-changing Truth at every moment is the path to Liberation from the mind, personal self and suffering. The more we move into the Truth, the more we release the stored emotions in the body, the more the Kundalini can flow, the more the chakras are set right and healed, the easier it is for the Kundalini to rise and move into the higher chakras for Awakening, the more the Heart flowers and the more room for Grace and God to flow into our Life… Christ was an excellent example of this.

One thing he was known for saying is: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” And that’s exactly it.

You see, on the path of growth, there is absolutely 0% chance of any growth actually happening if you won’t look at all the muck inside, face it and feel it. And I think it’s really common that we get caught up in this notion, this idea that the point of feeling these things is so that they go away, that we feel the charges so that they can leave. We think, “if I just feel more charges, if I just process this or that, eventually I’ll be cleaned out completely, eventually I’ll be fixed and become the happy-go-lucky person I used to be. If I just get through this and to somewhere else, then I’ll finally make it there… to Awakening, Enlightenment, etc.” We get looped in the mind’s trick of “becoming.”

That is a pitfall.

Before Awakening as Liberation, we’re totally inside the mind. That thing we call “us,” that person you refer to as “me,” that history story you identify with and call “me,” is only a fabrication of the mind. Actually, there’s nothing there, but you feel that you as a person exist, and that’s your experience and Truth, so it may as well be because it’s real to you - and it’s important to be honest and not pretend you’re Awakened or Enlightened or some other title, because that’s very damaging.

But what’s going on here is like we’re sailing across this vast ocean, confined to a ship that’s fundamentally flawed. It wasn’t right from the get-go, but when we look at things through images we think they’re much more jazzy or idealistic than the reality of the situation. We think the ship is ideally perfect when actually it’s a mess. So what happens when we start really growing and looking at the garbage under the carpet? We see the ship caught on fire, and we freak out. We think “oh no, I have to put this fire out, I have to do everything possible to fix this boat, I have to change this situation to make it better, and one day I’ll have my perfect old boat again and everything will be just like it used to be.” And for those who know what I’m talking about, it really is intense and terrifying some times. And it never goes back to the way it was, because the way you thought things were was only an image. All the fire was there in the first place, we just were living a life of the mind, lacking awareness and inner-integrity, so the fire was unconscious.  

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mind’s game of fixing the ship, which cannot be done. The ship is the mind, and the mind cannot be changed. Our mind actually is just an extension of a massive and ancient mind, it’s only been one mind for all people all along. It’s as old as humanity itself, and is not capable of changing – it’s programmed how it’s programmed and that’s just it.

So what do you think that the Divine is trying to do with you? Why is God showing you you’re on a burning ship that can’t be fixed… Is God just being cruel? No, not at all – you’re being given a huge gift by seeing this. 

What’s the purpose then? What’s the objective – the ideal outcome – if not to fix the boat? If the fire will never stop, the boat can never be fixed and was flawed from the start… What’s the point of seeing all this?

Here’s something so profound that my mind was blown when I saw it…

The point is not to fix the ship, because the fire will never stop and the ship will never be fixed… the point is only to get you to Jump Ship, actually… To leave the boat and dive into the grand ocean of Pure Consciousness, that you see you were from the start. 

To get out of the mind – out of the sense of self – and see that there’s nobody there. There’s only some kind of intelligent Nothing, silent, peaceful, untouchable and unmoved – and You only are That… That’s the purpose that nobody talks about. That’s right, even after Awakening, and even into Enlightenment, it never stops. All the processing, all the charges, doesn’t stop. Once you’re done with any “personal” karma/clearing, you just keep clearing the rest of the worlds, your communities, families, etc. 

The point is to get you kicked out of the mind, and to become pure consciousness, and thus you are totally and completely in the state of Freedom – Real – True - Freedom. This is the teaching of “the Truth will set you free,” and “to see is to be free.” Just to simply stay with the Truth until your Truth becomes that none of that is you, none of it can touch you, you are just simply seeing everything happening. Seeing the mind churning, endlessly, with all its socially unacceptable thoughts and impulses, just seeing it and that it’s not you and has nothing to do with you – and it’s complete and total freedom. It has nothing to do with you. Like a stereo playing in proximity to you is all. An ocean safely watching ships burn to ashes... Seeing IS the Awakening.

And you’re in Pure Joy, Pure Freedom, Pure Liberation… Not necessarily 24 hours of the day by any means at all, but the deed is done. If you find yourself in the mind, once you notice that, you’re with the What Is and you’re back in Awareness, and there’s really no going back… It’s a one-way-ticket to Freedom…

The ocean is far greater and far more profound than the rickety old ship, anyway… And guess what? Not only is it so worth all the pain, suffering and misery, but you really do throw your head back and laugh at the sky, just like the Buddha said… 

Because there was nobody there to suffer in the first place… To an ocean a small ship on fire is nothing. 

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