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Discovering Love... Discovering The Divine

What’s the purpose of logic in this world? We need it to drive our car, we need it to do our work, we need it for problem solving… It’s a very necessary thing, this mind, for our functional external world. Without it we would not be able to really be efficient in our life. But if you pay attention to all the things you require thoughts for, they’re really all external things. In our internal world, this logic is of little use.

In our internal world, we need to see what’s there - in our internal world, we need to feel...

Even the uncomfortable or painful things must be felt.

You see, it’s totally boggling for the mind and not part of our western conditioning to actually be aware of, or pay attention to, what’s going on inside of us. We’re used to the outer world and the linear model: See the problem and then directly change it and fix it, or, a dog is chasing you so you turn and run away... But in our internal world this does not work.

In contrast to our external world, internally to succeed we must do the illogical. In our outer world, if a ferocious animal is chasing you, you better high-tail it out of there! Internally, if it’s like a wild animal is coming straight at you, you must step into it, embrace it and let it have its way with you – like a sock in the washing machine – totally surrendered, helpless and letting the natural motion take place. Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Logic is for our outer world, and feeling is for our inner world. When you truly reach the point where you’re applying this, tremendous freedom and lightness arises in you. You’re no more controlled by these things, and you emerge victorious.

To be the warrior is not enough. Because what do warriors do? Although they are determined, they fight, and that’s not what will solve your problems. Wrestling, fighting and declaring war on your self is not the way to go about it. Declaring war on the mind and emotions will not get you anywhere you want to be. What must happen is, you must awaken the Champion inside of you. Yes, no struggle, fighting or resistance required – in fact it’s that resistance that is the problem, that resistance is the actual suffering… To see this is wisdom.

And why do I write and say these things? Because I’ve been run through the process intensely while paying close attention many times over – that’s the only reason.

You see, if there are thoughts flowing through you, if you have a mind, you will indeed be divided inside. It’s the nature of the mind to be divisive. It separates things into categories, judges and labels appropriately – and there’s probably good use for that in our external world, but not for inside of us. 

Because of this, you feel parts of you are acceptable and parts are unacceptable, parts are wrong and right or appropriate and inappropriate... You're divided inside... And that lack of acceptance is the resistance to your inner Truth... To what's authentically going on inside you in the moment... 

Where there’s acceptance there’s experiencing. Where there’s experiencing there’s peace and we learn Love and Compassion. We grow, and there’s truly joy in our world. If we continue refusing to accept, we’ll be resisting and that itself is the problem. Now here’s the link to bring this all together…

The specifics of what it is that's actually inside you isn't exactly significant. When you fully experience something inside, be it hurts or otherwise, something amazing happens. Your emotions are in motion, your feelings are being felt, and the spiritual energy in the body is gushing like a spring... The true significance of this, for me, is that this blows the Heart wide open. 

When you feel your feelings, no matter how much you're sobbing, the Heart starts to flower. When you step inside of the experience of what was being resisted, at the core what you find is only Love, is only God, and You only are That. There’s that Love which is You, and nothing else. True gratitude, and maybe even true compassion and sacredness, will follow up right behind it – or maybe even all at the same time - in a way you’ve never had it… 

Because you truly don’t have it – it’s just something gushing out of the Heart and flowing… Expressing and experiencing itself... Just being… The way a majestic eagle or a sitting baby is just being itself... And you are just the fortunate bystander getting to taste it all… You’ve truly got the Golden Ticket if you can let go this much... 

You totally transcend duality... All is Love and there’s nothing else in existence. You can’t even tell the difference between pain and happiness because the two are washed away in a flood from the Heart so superior and supreme, that you can’t fathom these two opposing ideas – there’s just the experience – and you’re Living, truly and deeply. You’re experiencing the purpose of life, and you’re fulfilling your mission here on Earth... Congratulations, you've discovered Love.

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