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Still Beautiful

I woke up again today
And laid in bed for a while.
Eventually the bed caught fire,
So I stood up and looked out the window.

But at least the light of the sun is
Still beautiful.

I went to the kitchen to fix something
And held everything I needed in my hands.
Eventually it caught fire,
So I turned and looked out my back sliding glass door.

And at least the light of the sun is
Still beautiful.

I decided to sit on the couch and relax
And held the tv remote in my hand.
Eventually it caught fire,
So I stood up and looked out the peep hole of the front door.

At least the light of the sun is
Still beautiful.

I stood still in my living room and figured:
If I just stay like this, maybe I can stay here for a while.
Eventually the walls caught fire,
And I choked on the smoke so much I couldn't breathe.

Now I lay naked on the Earth,
My house burnt to ashes behind me.
I lost everything I had in the fire,
Even my own clothes that covered me. 

As I lay here I feel the gentle support of the Earth,
Soothing me like a cool milk.
And the way the wind rolls over my skin and hair on my body,
Like someone's tickling me and wants me to come play.

As I sit up I see the fields of sage
And I feel God in the wind,
Moving through and
Gently brushing the Earth's hair.

I feel God in the wind as it moves through bent trees,
Cracking and waving together like a slow wind chime.
And I feel God in the wind
As it swirls and dances around me.

And as I look all the way up,
The light of the sun is still so beautiful.

Living in Freedom

'Living in Freedom'

When I feel
The heaviness of my body
As a boulder on the ground,
And the saltiness of my tears
Like a river streaming
From the vast ocean of my eyes,

I see that this body is not My body.
But belonging to the Earth,
And only an extension of the Earth.
Like a tree or a blade of grass
Emerges out of the ground,
Eventually returning
Back to its origin.

When I see the mind changing through characters,
Commenting and complaining,
In fear and in desperation,
I see an ancient computer
Struggling to stay intact.
Ferociously trying to protect
Like a fierce parent,
Only staying true to its nature
To serve its child and keep it alive.

And I see that these thoughts are
Not actually My thoughts,
And this mind is
Not actually My mind.
But an extension of an ancient mind,
Passed from generation to generation
Through the lineage of the victors,
In tandem with the body,
So that the next child may do the same.

It’s in this moment
When the Truth inside
is most easily touched…

And there’s a surrender
Beyond words or understanding,
Which lets the Heart crack open
And Divine Love flood out,
Filling the body
And changing one’s destiny...

Illuminating meaning
And revealing the innate experience of Life...

It’s inside this experience of the moment
Where all things have been set right,
All has been forgiven,
All has been accepted,
And there’s nowhere to go
And nothing to do
But Live.

It’s in this moment now,
Where what’s there is only Freedom,
Who’s here is only Me,
And I am Love
And I am Alive...

It Is

From deep within the heart,

It pours up and through the whole body.


First into the chest,

Neck and head.

The arms, hands

And lower body follow.


And everything has been

Consumed by It.

There is no definition,

Only It.


A gently piercing mystique,

A sacred golden perspiration

Intimately radiating

From every  form.


Now there’s no within or without,

There's no me and It.

It alone



Yet no things have become It.

It has instead revealed as all things.

I Am Yours


- The ultimate relief.

There’s no greater letting go

Then falling and opening at your feet.


In silent affection,

You soothe the heart and mind.

All troubles become still and calm

With a single touch of your hand.


The ultimate asset

Is having you.

Not so that I can have you,

But so that I can surrender to you.


I Am


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